TFF-MV - tangential flow filtration concentrator

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TFF-MV – tangential flow filtration-based device


Sample type

Diluted EV containing matrices (i.e. urine, conditioned cell media)


1 concentrator

Product overview

TFF-MV is a filter cartridge in hollow fibers made of polysulfone. The filter is very useful for separating different EVs by size. Indeed, microvesicles bigger than 150 nm are retained inside the hollow fibers, while small EVs and molecules easily permeate the filter. Microvesicles can be recovered with a syringe in PBS buffer without additional purification steps.

Filter cartridge

Polysulfone hollow fibres



Sample volume per reaction

Recommended sample volume from 10 ml up to several liters if connected to mechanical pump.

EV recovery


Concentration time

From 5 minutes


Up to 20 times


Separation of EVs by size.

Recovering of big microvesicles in one step, without additional purification.