TFF-Easy - tangential flow filtration concentrator 5

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TFF-Easy – tangential flow filtration-based device


Sample type

Diluted EV containing matrices (i.e. urine, conditioned cell media)


5 concentrators

Product overview

TFF-Easy is used for concentration and desalting of sample solutions, and is emerging as a new technique for EV isolation if coupled with SEC (Pure-EVs columns).

Filter cartridge

Polysulfone hollow fibres



Sample volume per reaction

Recommended sample volume 5-15 ml.

EV recovery


Concentration time

5 minutes


Up to 20 times


Concentration of diluted matrices such as cell media or urine prior to EV isolation.

Easy removal of small molecules and ions from the EV preparation.

EV dialysis for changing buffer conditions.

High efficiency of EV isolation if coupled with SEC columns.