Test immunobeads for Overall Exosome capture from cell media (3 reactions) - Covalent coating/0.4 um

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Immunobeads for Overall Exosome capture from cell culture media of human cell lines–3 reactions



Pre-coupled latex beads, 3 reactions

Sample type

Cell culture supernatant of human cell lines

Exosome capiture

Overall exosome

Starting material

Concentrated cell culture supernatant samples (10X in spin concentrator) are recommended prior capture according to our suggested protocol.

Product overview

Immunobeads are coupled with antibodies that allows for exosome isolation from cell supernatants of human cell lines. Latex immunobeads can be easily recovered after incubation using a centrifuge. Exosomes captured on immunobeads can be used directly protein and mRNA/miRNA profiling.

Antibody used for coating

Monoclonal mouse antibodies




0.4 micron

Storage buffer and appereance

Suspension in PBS

Shipment and storage

Immunobeads are shipped at 4°C and storage conditions as recommended in the product datasheet.

Expiration date

8 months


Overall exosome isolation from cell culture media of human cell lines.

Immunobeads are suitable for nucleic acid extraction, protein profiling of exosome markers, exosome elution from immunobeads.