siPOOL Controls

Pos. control

Pos. control siPOOLs are pre-validated siPOOLs that produce defined characteristics when introduced into cells, indicating successful transfection. Pos. control siPOOLs available include siPOOLs against human PLK1 (5347) and KIF11 (3832) which both produce mitotic arrest and observable cell death; human INCENP (3619) which produces enlarged nuclei observable under the microscope; and human GAPDH (2597) which produces no observable phenotype but exhibits strong decrease in GAPDH RNA levels verifiable by quantitative PCR. Pos. control siPOOLs against mouse Plk1 (18817) and Kif11 (16551) are also available. To specify which pos. control siPOOL you want, simply indicate your preference in the message box at the final order confirmation page. 

PAGE purified, freeze dried.

neg. control

neg. control siPOOL has been designed to have no significant sequence similarity to mouse, rat and human sequences. neg. control siPOOL has been tested in multiple cell lines and shows no significant impact on cell proliferation, apoptosis or cell morphology. 

PAGE purified, freeze dried.