Ribosome Profiling All-In-One Set

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All kits and reagants to perform ribosome profiling from cell lysis to sequencing and data analysis. These products include RiboLace Module 1, LaceSeq, PAGE Extraction Gel and UDI for 9 reactions.


Find out more on the protocols, datasheets, MSDS and FAQS for

RiboLace Module 1 (https://galenmolecular.com/ribolace-kit-module-1/),

LaceSeq (https://galenmolecular.com/laceseq/),

PAGE Extraction Gel (https://galenmolecular.com/page-gel-extraction-kit/),

iUDI (https://galenmolecular.com/iudi-plate-laceseq-16-udis/).



-Ribosomal profiling

-Translatome analysis