RiboLace Module 2

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Prepare ribosome profiling libraries starting from ribosome protected fragments (RPFs) isolated using RiboLace or other protocols. The kit contains buffers, filters and vials, molecular weight ladders for PAGE purification and gel extraction, and adaptors and oligos for library preparation. It includes control RNAs that can be used for RPF size selection. Reverse indexes are not included.


This ribosome profiling library prep kit is for 9 reactions.


Sequencing platform: Illumina HiSeq 2500




-Ribosomal profiling


-Translatome analysis


Please note that the RiboLace Module 2 will be shipped in two separated boxes: one at +4°C and the second in dry-ice. The shipping is usually scheduled within one week from your order. We pride ourselves on rapid and thorough support to ensure your success with our new technology. Please contact us with any questions.