PURE-EVs PLUS: Size exclusion chromatography columns and TFF concentrator (5 columns)

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PURE-EVs Size Exclusion Chromatography columns + TFF-Easy concentrator


Sample type

Urine, conditioned cell media or other diluted matrices


5 columns + 1 concentrator

Product overview

EVs can be effectively separated using a combination of tangential flow filtration (TFF) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

TFF-Easy allows to concentrate the matrix prior to EV isolation.

SEC column allows to isolate EVs from small molecules and ions in a fast and highly efficient way.

As a result, you get extracellular vesicles of a high purity in less than one hour.

Volume of sample

500 µl – 2 ml (concentrated 10 fold by TFF-Easy)

Shipment and storage


Shelf life

12 months


Extracellular vesicle isolation from diluted matrices (urine and cell culture media).

Purification of pre-isolated EVs from contaminants.


Not sterile