Overall Exosome Immunocapture and RNA extraction kit from human biofluids and cell media (40 reactions)

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Immunocapture of overall exosomes from human biofluids and cell media and extraction of vesicle associated RNAs (40 reactions).


Sample type:

Plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media

Starting material:

Starting from 0.1mL of biological sample (plasma) per reaction.

Whole plasma and serum can be directly used for capture.

Concentrated urine and cell culture supernatant samples are recommended prior capture according to our suggested protocol.


This kit provides excellent specificity and high binding capacity for overall exosome capture and RNA purification. High yield and quality of RNA extracted allows multiple downstream analyses.

Product Overview:

Exosome capture occurs on Immunobeads precoated with exosome associated antibodies enabling for overall exosome isolation.

Exosome standards for positive control are included in the kit.

The kit contains all the reagents necessary for RNA purification, including RNA binding columns for total RNA capture.

Exosome standard

Chosen by the user in HBM Lyophilized Exosome Standards list (see details).

Storage and shipment:

All the reagent are shipped at 4°C and storage conditions as recommended in the product insert.

Expiration date:

8 months.


Direct capture and exosome RNA extraction from human biofluids and cell culture media without initial exosome purification step.

Simultaneous miRNA and mRNA profiling (qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarray).