Isolation of circulating and EV-associated genomic DNA from urine and cell culture media (40 reactions)

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EXO-DNAc- UC: Isolation of circulating and EV-associated DNA from urine and cell culture media.


Sample type

Cell culture media and urine

Starting material

Starting from 1 ml of cell media per reaction. Starting from 5 ml of urine.


This kit provides high capacity for purification of circulating and EV associated DNA. Pellet after isolation of EVs and circulating DNA can be treated with Dnase to eliminate cell free circulating DNA. After Dnase treatment DNA extraction from EVs proceeds following the identical protocol. EXO-DNAc provides an appropriated DNA concentrator for concentrating the yield and increasing the purity of the DNA to the levels required for digital PCR analysis.

Product overview

EVs are isolated quickly with DNA-Prep reagent.

Exosome standards for positive control are included in the kit (1 vial, 100ug).

The kit contains all the reagents necessary for DNA purification, including DNA purification columns and DNA concentrator columns. Dnase is not provided.

Exosome standard

Chosen by the user in HBM Lyophilized Exosome Standards list (see details).

Shipment and storage

All the reagents are shipped at 4C and storage conditions as recommended in the product datasheet.

Expiration date

12 months.


Direct EVs capture and DNA purification from plasma and serum without time consuming EV purification steps.

Isolation of genomic EV-associated DNA by Dnase treatment.

Profiling of circulating and/or EV-associated genomic DNA.

Detection of actionable mutations by digital PCR analysis.

Isolated DNA is suitable for NGS.