Immunoplate for Monocytes- and Platelets-derived Exosome capture from human plasma - Covalent coating (1 white plate)

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Immunoplates for Monocytes- and Platelets-derived Exosome capture from human plasma.



White 1 standard 96-well format pre-coated plates

Sample type

Human plasma

Exosome capiture

Monocytes- and Platelets-derived exosome

Starting material

Up to 100 µL of biological sample can be loaded per well.

Unfractionated plasma sample can be directly used for capture.

Product overview

Our multiwell plates are standard 96-well format where assays can be conducted as singletons and/or multiple wells. This enables optimization of a wide range of sandwich ELISA assays or other downstream applications, such as RNA extraction and proteomic analyses. Transparent, white and black plates are available depending on the downstream detection approach (colorimetric, luminometric and fluorimetric).

Antibody used for coating

Monoclonal mouse antibody




The plate is packaged in an opaque aluminum pouch which complies to food and pharmaceutical regulations.

Easy to open and re-sealable by zip-lock feature.

Shipment and storage

Immunoplates are shipped at 4°C and storage conditions as recommended in the product insert.

Expiration date

Unopened: 2 year stored at 4°C

Opened: 1 month stored at 4°C