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siTOOLs Product/Service Overview

A snapshot overview of our products and services.

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The siPOOL Guide: The Pack Hunter Approach to Superior Gene Silencing.

A detailed guide with an introduction to the RNAi off-target problem and how siPOOLs were developed to counter them. Covers the three main features of siPOOLs - high complexity pooling, detailed bioinformatics-based design and quality production process - and the benefits they confer. Includes proof-of-concept data, customer testimonials and case study applications.

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riboPOOL: Affordable, Custom Ribosomal RNA Depletion for Any Species

A new product created with the help of the scientific community as a solution for custom and affordable ribosomal RNA depletion prior to Next-Generation Sequencing or other downstream applications.

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The siPOOL Human Kinase Library

siPOOLs are ideal for reliable high-throughput functional genomic screening. Learn more about the siPOOL human kinase library, the screening benefits it confers and associated data in this brochure.

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The siPOOL Cancer Toolbox

The siPOOL cancer toolbox is a useful exploratory tool for scientists seeking an easy method to disrupt key cancer genes singly or in combination.

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The Phenovault

The Phenovault is a free-access data analysis and reagent/gene evaluation tool that leverages new insights based on historical RNAi/CRISPR screening data. To schedule a presentation about Phenovault, please contact us.

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siPOOL-resistant rescue construct/sequence

To further validate that the loss-of-function phenotype produced by a siPOOL is specific to the targeted gene, we offer a siPOOL-resistant rescue sequence. When expressed in a plasmid construct, target gene function is restored which rescues/reverses the loss-of-function phenotype.

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