ExoTEST Ready to Use Kit for Overall Exosome capture and quantification from human serum (transparent plate)

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ExoTEST is a sandwichenzyme-linked immunoassay for in-vitro exosome quantificationin human serum.


Sample type


Starting material

Up to 100 ul of biological sample can be loaded per well.

Unfractionated serum sample can be directly used for capture.

Assay type

Sandwich enzyme-linked immunoassay.


The detection limit of an assay is lower than 0.35 ug of overall exosome which is an equivalent of less than 50 pg of targeted exosomes protein.

Product overview

ExoTEST Ready to Use Kit is the ideal platform for capturing and the quantifying exosomes from biological samples such as plasma and urine.

ExoTEST Ready to Use Kit features pre-coated ELISA plate with primary antibodies detection directed against exosome-specific markers, namely α-CD9. Secondary antibodies and substrate reagents are included in the kit.

Exosome standards for assay calibration are also included in the kit. Exosome standards are purified by ultracentrifugation and microfiltration, quantified for overall protein content and exosome number and then lyophilized for long-term storage.

ExoTEST ready to use kits are reliable, easy to use, works on a variety of commercially available detection technologies.

Primary antibody

α-CD9 mouse antibody

Exosome standard

Lyophilized exosomes from serum of healthy donors (see details).

Assay protocol

Kit contains all the reagents necessary for exosome capture and protein targeted detection.

Assay calibration: Kit contains exosome standards for assay calibration. All exosome standards are lyophilized
and quantified for overall protein content and exosomes number.

This standards enable both absolute and relative quantification exosomes in analyzed samples.
HansaBioMed also provides a range of exosome standards purified from different types of human cells that can be purchased separately or included in custommade kits in order to meet the need for detection of specific exosome markers.

Shipment and storage

All the reagents are shipped at 4C and storage conditions as recommended in the product insert.

Expiration date

12 months.


Application :

Exosome capture and quantification using the ExoTEST ensures dose-dependent exosome detection in a variety of samples. The quantification can be both relative and absolute as the assay calibration enables the calculation of the approximate exosome quantity for each sample.

Comprehensive exosome profiling by implementing different combinations of capture and detection antibodies. ExoTEST can be customized for assessing multiple antigens in a total exosome population within a sample. Informative protein profiles for the samples of interest can be combined with subsequent nucleic acid (mRNA or miRNA) extraction and downstream analysis from captured exosomes.

Specific diagnostic applications using the ExoTEST allows the quantitative assessment of total circulating exosomes and specific exosomal sub-populations, defined by differentially expressed antigens under normal and pathological conditions.