Liquid Biopsy

Tissue biopsies are invasive and non-feasible for longitudinal monitoring of patients; moreover they do not capture the heterogeneity of the tissue or a disease of interest. Liquid biopsies are non-invasive and enable real time snapshot of the tissue homeostasis or alterations by detection of relevant biomarkers in the bloodstream. Tissue or disease specific exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) can be isolated and analyzed from routine blood or urine samples featuring the ideal platform for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostic development.

THE CHALLENGE: The major challenge and opportunity in using EVs based liquid biopsy lies in the tremendous complexity of biofluid samples, heterogeneity of exosomes and extracellular vesicles and the low abundance of specific tissue or disease markers.

THE SOLUTION: HansaBioMed Life Sciences provides a range of pre-analytical solutions, empowered by Exosomics s.p.a, to isolate either overall EVs or selectively enrich for specific subpopulations (i.e. tumor derived-EVs) from biofluids with high yield and purity, and further extract their DNA and RNA content. Our technologies are efficient in both biomarker discovery and confirmation studies, and comply with clinical grade analytical platforms. In clinical settings, our solutions enable ultrasensitive detection of tumor associated mutations and RNA molecules, enabling next generation of tumor screening, monitoring, staging and monitoring tests.