Custom made ExoTEST™

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Custom made ExoTEST™ Ready to Use Kit: Personalized your research.

HansaBioMed provides the flexibility to creating and designing your own kit by choosing among a wide variety of reagents available in our shop.

Start by selecting the plate that provides the specific capture and enrichment of exosome subpopulation of interest. Please refer to the details regarding immunoplates as a guide (starting point) in the Immunocapture and Isolation Tools section (see immunoplates).

Select the exosome standard. Please refer to details regarding Exosome Standards (see exosome standards).

Select the primary antibody. Please refer to the Exosome Binding Antibodies section.

Price on request.

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Application :

Exosome capture and quantification using the ExoTEST™ ensures dose-dependent exosome detection in a variety of samples. The quantification can be both relative and absolute as the assay calibration enables the calculation of the approximate exosome quantity for each sample.

Comprehensive exosome profiling by implementing different combinations of capture and detection antibodies. ExoTEST™ can be customized for assessing multiple antigens in a total exosome population within a sample. Informative protein profiles for the samples of interest can be combined with subsequent nucleic acid (mRNA or miRNA) extraction and downstream analysis from captured exosomes.

Specific diagnostic applications using the ExoTEST™ allows the quantitative assessment of total circulating exosomes and specific exosomal sub-populations, defined by differentially expressed antigens under normal and pathological conditions. (See Product Insert)