About Us

Galen Molecular is a boutique life science tools supplier. I have leveraged my extensive knowledge of Molecular Biology and Liquid Handling to supply equipment and supplies not available through large suppliers to the end user in the US.

We are interested in forming partnerships with companies that have unique products for the US life science research marketplace.

If you are an end user having difficulty procuring materials from outside the US let us take care of the importing. We are experts at importation of products for life science research.

Our specific scientific areas of interest include:

  •     Molecular Genetics

DNA and RNA technologies e.g. cloning, screening, expression and analysis of genes, vector systems, labeling and detection of biological compounds

  •     Cell Biology

antibodies, enzymes, fluorescence detection, bioassays, eukaryotic expression, cell analysis, cell culture techniques

  •     Biochemistry

glycobiology, protein chemistry, enzymology, recombinant protein isolation, protein detection and assays

  •     Separation technologies

Chromatography and Electrophoresis